Spa and Wellness

Up to 20 people


Health improvement, quality rest and the possibility of regeneration right in Prague!

Prevention and recovery after respiratory, seasonal diseases.

wine milk bath REZERVACE
magnesium, epsom bath (for children and adults)REZERVACE
iodobromine bathREZERVACE
carbonic bathREZERVACE
oxygen bathREZERVACE
turpentine bathREZERVACE
underwater massagecoming soon..
massage with Tibetan singing bowlsREZERVACE
classic massageREZERVACE

Each of these treatments is followed by 30 minutes of relaxation in the salt cave with our personal well by the salt fireplace.

Wellness bath 33 EUR

Classical massage 30 min 42 EUR

Classical massage 60 min 53 EUR

These prices are basic, the current offer can be found on our reservation page

Each of our wellness procedures has its own indications for use.

General contraindications:

Pregnancy, psychoses and mental disorders, epilepsy, cancer, infectious diseases, bleeding and all diseases in acute states and stages in which destabilization of the state of health can be expected.

For more information use please e-mail: or call +420 777 025 111